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Experience Golfing Paradise in Heber Springs, Arkansas


Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Heber Springs, Arkansas, Red Apple Inn Lodging & Golf offers a golfing experience like no other. Our 18-hole championship golf course is a true golfer’s paradise, providing an exhilarating game and the chance to immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding us.

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A Golfer’s Dream Come True

For golf enthusiasts, Red Apple Inn is the ultimate destination. Here, we pride ourselves on delivering one of Arkansas’s most enjoyable golf experiences. Our course is the stuff of dreams, with every hole presenting a new challenge and a fresh opportunity to bask in the wonders of the Arkansas landscape.

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Beautiful Golf Course Design & Panoramic Hilltop Views

As you traverse our meticulously maintained fairways and greens, you’ll be treated to panoramic hilltop views that overlook the serene waters of the lake. The surrounding landscape is adorned with lush, green fairways and tree-lined corridors, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere that enhances your golfing experience.

Award Winning Golf Course in Arkansas

The beauty of our golf course is celebrated far and wide. Our Hole #2 has been honored with the prestigious title of “Most Scenic Hole in Arkansas” by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. When you stand on this tee box, you’ll understand why. The view from this vantage point is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and it’s an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Architectural Marvel by Gary Panks

Our golf course is a testament to the brilliant architectural work of Gary Panks, a renowned architect who masterfully blended the island’s rolling hills, abundant trees, and majestic hilltop vistas into a challenging and enjoyable course. Red Apple Inn’s par 71, 6,451-yard course is designed to be fun and exciting for golfers of all skill levels, from beginners looking to hone their skills to seasoned experts seeking to test their abilities.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking the best golf course in Arkansas, look no further than Red Apple Inn Lodging & Golf in Heber Springs. We offer a course plus an entire golfing paradise, where the area’s stunning natural beauty harmonizes with a meticulously designed route to create an unforgettable golfing experience. Come and conquer the challenge, create lasting memories, and see why we’re a golfer’s dream come true in the Natural State.

Golf Pricing

Guest Fees:

  • Monday-Friday: $50
  • Saturday & Sunday: $60

Drive-up Fee:

  • Monday-Friday: $70
  • Saturday & Sunday: $80.

18 holes including a cart.

Golf Lessons & Equipment to Elevate Your Game

At Red Apple Inn Lodging & Golf, we’re committed to providing an exceptional golf course, helping you improve your golfing skills, and ensuring you have access to top-notch equipment. Whether you’re a novice looking to develop your skills or a seasoned golfer seeking quality gear, we have you covered.

If you’re new to the game or looking to take your skills to the next level, our resident golf pro is here to assist you on your journey to becoming a better golfer. Our professional instructors are well-versed in the game’s finer points, from swing mechanics to course management. Our expert guidance will help refine your technique and enhance your golfing prowess, whether you’re seeking individual lessons or group sessions.

Pro Shop: Gear Up for Success

In our Pro Shop, you’ll find various golfing essentials, from golf balls and clubs to drivers and clothing. We understand that having the right equipment is crucial to your performance on the course. That’s why we offer an assortment of high-quality golfing gear and attire to enhance your game and make you look and feel like a pro. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend and assist in selecting the perfect equipment to suit your needs and preferences.

Memorable Souvenirs at Our Gift Shop

Before you conclude your visit, stop by our gift shop. Here, you can browse a delightful collection of souvenirs and mementos that will forever remind you of your fantastic experience at Red Apple Inn’s enchanting golf course. Whether it’s a logoed golf ball, a stylish golf cap, or other unique keepsakes, our gift shop is the perfect place to find something special to commemorate your time here.

Arkansas Golf Trail: Explore the Natural State’s Golfing Treasures

Red Apple Inn is not just a golf destination; it’s also a proud founding member of Arkansas’ Natural State Golf Trail. Arkansas is a golfer’s haven with its natural scenic beauty and a year-round mild climate. The 14 courses on The Natural State Golf Trail provide the perfect opportunity to challenge your game while further indulging in your passion for golf. Each course offers a unique experience, and the trail allows you to explore the diverse golfing landscape of Arkansas.

Red Apple Course Guide and Pro Tips

Choose a Hole

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Hole One

PAR 5 | HCP 13/10

Take drive directly at the water tower for ideal approach position. Don’t worry about the driving range; it is not OB.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 525  |  White: 493  |  Red: 390  |  Green: 378

Hole Two

PAR 3 | HCP 17/18

This is our signature hole. Enjoy the beauty. This shot, depending on the wind, is usually a 2-club difference.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 166  |White: 157  |Red: 131  |Green: 130

Hole Three

PAR 4 | HCP 8/6

Take whatever club you need to hit to make sure you hit the fairway. A solid tee shot will leave you with a mid to low iron into this green.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 413  |  White: 357  |  Red: 304  |  Green: 272

Hole Four

PAR 4 | HCP 3/4

Best risk/reward hole on the course. For “long bombers”, take your tee shot directly over the pond which will leave you inside 100 yards to the green. To play it safe, hit a club off the tee that you can hit around 200 yards. This will leave you between 125-150 yards into this green.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 363  |  White: 350  |  Red: 330  |  Green: 264

Hole Five

PAR 3 | HCP 16/16

Wind coming off the lake makes this play true to its yardage. A shot to the middle of the green is the ideal play.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 188  |  White: 155  |  Red: 126  |  Green: 120

Hole Six

PAR 4 | HCP 10/2

Tee shots on this slight dogleg right tend to feed left off the hill. Try to position yourself below the hole on this difficult green.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 384  |  White: 357  |  Red: 337  |  Green: 249

Hole Seven

PAR 4 | HCP 7/12

This is a blind tee shot, up the hill. The best play from the tee is to land at the 150 yard marker for a level lie on your second shot to the green.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 389  |  White: 361  |  Red: 301  |  Green: 263

Hole Eight

PAR 5 | HCP 14/14

Don’t let the short par 5 fool you. To play it safe, hit your tee shot straight away to leave yourself 225 yards in. If you feel confident, try to take some more off, but be careful.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 470  |  White: 455  |  Red: 423  |  Green: 400

Hole Nine

PAR 4 | HCP 1/8

Welcome to the #1 handicap hole on the course. A straight and solid tee shot to the center of the fairway is essential. Approach shots will normally play at least 1 club longer to the uphill green.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 415  |  White: 400  |  Red: 352  |  Green: 293

Hole Ten

PAR 3 | HCP 18/15

This picturesque short par 3 is not as easy as it looks. The tee shot usually plays a club shorter but the green slopes towards the bunker on the right.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 172  |  White: 155  |  Red: 135  |  Green: 122

Hole Eleven

PAR 5 | HCP 9/1

This par 5 is another risk/reward hole. You can hit a conservative tee shot to leave you about 225 yards from the green. Or, you can get aggressive and try to test your luck at taking it over the trees that could leave you under 200 yards to the green.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 491  |  White: 453  |  Red: 425  |  Green: 395

Hole Twelve

PAR 3 | HCP 15/17

Favor the right side of this elevated green. Everything slopes to the left.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 160  |  White: 147  |  Red: 136  |  Green: 128

Hole Thirteen

PAR 4 | HCP 6/7

Safe drive is left of center of the fairway to avoid trees on the right, but you must avoid the fairway bunker on the left.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 406  |  White: 390  |  Red: 304  |  Green: 284

Hole Fourteen

PAR 5 | HCP 11/11

This is a demanding par 5. Your tee shot needs to be in the fairway to have a clean shot at the green. Trees overhanging the fairway make the second shot very difficult.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 525  |  White: 492  |  Red: 417  |  Green: 388

Hole Fifteen

PAR 4 | HCP 5/9

Arguably the hardest hole on the course, for the best scoring chance, play conservative off the tee to position yourself around 150 yards out. Anything more could be detrimental.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 356  |  White: 340  |  Red: 252  |  Green: 252

Hole Sixteen

PAR 3 | HCP 12/13

This long par 3 plays to a difficult green. There are bunkers guarding this green. There is a dramatic slope in the middle of the green. A solid tee shot to the correct side of this green is essential.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 203  |  White: 174  |  Red: 137  |  Green: 128

Hole Seventeen

PAR 4 | HCP 4/5

A solid tee shot on this hole will leave you with a mid-iron to a well-guarded green.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 403  |  White: 374  |  Red: 320  |  Green: 305

Hole Eighteen

PAR 4 | HCP 2/3

This is a wonderful finishing hole. This long, narrow par 4 requires a long and precise tee shot to leave you with a chance to get on the green in regulation.

Tee Box Yardage

Gold: 422  |  White: 408  |  Red: 353  |  Green: 311
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Experience The Best Golf Course in Arkansas

Golf in Arkansas is more than just a sport; it’s an extraordinary experience that brings people together. Whether you’re here to learn, improve, or simply enjoy a round on our beautiful course, Red Apple Inn is your gateway to a golfing adventure you’ll remember for seasons. Don’t hesitate to book your stay with us now, and if you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to make your golfing journey in the Natural State genuinely exceptional.