1000 Club Road
Heber Springs, AR 72543

Blanchard Springs at Mt. View

Located a short 50 minute drive from The Red Apple Inn you will find one of the most beautiful living caves in North America. Blanchard Springs offers tours of three different areas of the cave. From the fully developed Dripstone Trail with it’s crystalline formations-sparkling flowstone, towering columns, delicate soda straws to the newest of the cavern tours that takes you to the undeveloped sections where you might have to crawl on your knees to view a group of tall spectacular columns called the Titans.

Blanchard Springs also offers a shooting range, mountain bike trail, a springs trail and near-by horseback riding.

Close to Blanchard Springs is Mountain View. The “Folk Music Capital of the World”. Enjoy music at the court square while browsing the local shops and restaurants.

Visit www.arkansas.com for more information on Blanchard Springs and Mountain View.

Photos by: Casey Crocker, Arkansas Dept of Parks and Tourism

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